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// Slipping Away

The new studio album of The Seasons - Slipping Away.

Stream it for free and have fun!

Artist: The Seasons
Title: Slipping Away
Release: 2016
Price: € 7,92
// Crush

Do you ever have the need to express your most burning desire, but got hold back by the possible consequences?

Artist: The Seasons
Title: Crush
Release: 2015
Price: € 0,99
// Dancing Stilettos

How a crazy night in the pub during a Brazilian Carnaval could end up in a tragedy, when an elegant but deceiving women is using her dancing stilettos not solely for the seducing moves...

Artist: The Seasons
Title: Dancing Stilettos
Release: 2014
Price: € 0,99
// Waiting To Get Lost

In January 2014 we recorded our two news songs in PopEi studios. These recordings we won during the Music Meeting contest last year.
Both are now available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezers, Google play and more.

Please support us and buy these kick-ass songs right away for just only € 0,99!

Artist: The Seasons
Title: Waiting To Get Lost
Release: 2014
Price: € 0,99
// Right Through You

In February 2013, we recorded our second EP ´Right Through You´ in the Artichoque studio. During the recording sessions, our songs truly got an extra boost and became more vivid, intense and rocking than ever. With the help from René Bloks, our producer, and an extraordinary project choir, we could finally put on a record what we had in minds for such a long time. This EP will represent our new musical ideas, and is a new step forward in our musical career. The music can be describe as colorful, catchy and slightly experimental. We have never been so exited before to let you hear our new songs!
Artist: The Seasons Right Through You
Title: Right Through You Do You
Release: 2013 Freeze Over
Price: € 5,- Tonight
Order: Home
// Lately

After a long period of songwriting and playing new music during several gigs, we proudly present our EP ‘Lately’. The EP was recorded at Artichoque Studio’s, released in February 2011, and reflects our earlier steps towards our current style. Most of the songs on the album are still highlights during our performances, for they imply a certain stirring pulse we started off with those days. We hope you enjoy our music.

Artist: The Seasons Do Me
Title: Lately Hardly Breathe
Release: 2011 Lately
Price: € 2,50 Love My Lie
Order: Somewhere In Between